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 * aim_internal.h -- prototypes/structs for the guts of libfaim

#ifndef __AIM_INTERNAL_H__
#define __AIM_INTERNAL_H__ 1

typedef struct {
      fu16_t family;
      fu16_t subtype;
      fu16_t flags;
      fu32_t id;
} aim_modsnac_t;

typedef struct aim_module_s {
      fu16_t family;
      fu16_t version;
      fu16_t toolid;
      fu16_t toolversion;
      fu16_t flags;
      char name[AIM_MODULENAME_MAXLEN+1];
      int (*snachandler)(aim_session_t *sess, struct aim_module_s *mod, aim_frame_t *rx, aim_modsnac_t *snac, aim_bstream_t *bs);

      void (*shutdown)(aim_session_t *sess, struct aim_module_s *mod);
      void *priv;
      struct aim_module_s *next;
} aim_module_t;

faim_internal int aim__registermodule(aim_session_t *sess, int (*modfirst)(aim_session_t *, aim_module_t *));
faim_internal void aim__shutdownmodules(aim_session_t *sess);
faim_internal aim_module_t *aim__findmodulebygroup(aim_session_t *sess, fu16_t group);
faim_internal aim_module_t *aim__findmodule(aim_session_t *sess, const char *name);

faim_internal int admin_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int buddylist_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int bos_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int search_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int stats_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int auth_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int msg_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int misc_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int chatnav_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int chat_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int locate_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int service_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int invite_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int translate_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int popups_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int adverts_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int odir_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int bart_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int ssi_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int icq_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);
faim_internal int email_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod);

faim_internal int aim_genericreq_n(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t subtype);
faim_internal int aim_genericreq_n_snacid(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t subtype);
faim_internal int aim_genericreq_l(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t subtype, fu32_t *);
faim_internal int aim_genericreq_s(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t subtype, fu16_t *);

#define AIMBS_CURPOSPAIR(x) ((x)->data + (x)->offset), ((x)->len - (x)->offset)

/* bstream.c */
faim_internal int aim_bstream_init(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu8_t *data, int len);
faim_internal int aim_bstream_empty(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal int aim_bstream_curpos(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal int aim_bstream_setpos(aim_bstream_t *bs, int off);
faim_internal void aim_bstream_rewind(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal int aim_bstream_advance(aim_bstream_t *bs, int n);
faim_internal fu8_t aimbs_get8(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal fu16_t aimbs_get16(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal fu32_t aimbs_get32(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal fu8_t aimbs_getle8(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal fu16_t aimbs_getle16(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal fu32_t aimbs_getle32(aim_bstream_t *bs);
faim_internal int aimbs_put8(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu8_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_put16(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu16_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_put32(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu32_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_putle8(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu8_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_putle16(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu16_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_putle32(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu32_t v);
faim_internal int aimbs_getrawbuf(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu8_t *buf, int len);
faim_internal fu8_t *aimbs_getraw(aim_bstream_t *bs, int len);
faim_internal char *aimbs_getstr(aim_bstream_t *bs, int len);
faim_internal int aimbs_putraw(aim_bstream_t *bs, const fu8_t *v, int len);
faim_internal int aimbs_putbs(aim_bstream_t *bs, aim_bstream_t *srcbs, int len);

/* conn.c */
faim_internal aim_conn_t *aim_cloneconn(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *src);

/* ft.c */
faim_internal int aim_rxdispatch_rendezvous(aim_session_t *sess, aim_frame_t *fr);

/* rxhandlers.c */
faim_internal aim_rxcallback_t aim_callhandler(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t type);
faim_internal int aim_callhandler_noparam(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t family, fu16_t type, aim_frame_t *ptr);
faim_internal int aim_parse_unknown(aim_session_t *, aim_frame_t *, ...);
faim_internal void aim_clonehandlers(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *dest, aim_conn_t *src);

/* rxqueue.c */
faim_internal int aim_recv(int fd, void *buf, size_t count);
faim_internal int aim_bstream_recv(aim_bstream_t *bs, int fd, size_t count);
faim_internal void aim_rxqueue_cleanbyconn(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_internal void aim_frame_destroy(aim_frame_t *);

/* txqueue.c */
faim_internal aim_frame_t *aim_tx_new(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn, fu8_t framing, fu16_t chan, int datalen);
faim_internal int aim_tx_enqueue(aim_session_t *, aim_frame_t *);
faim_internal flap_seqnum_t aim_get_next_txseqnum(aim_conn_t *);
faim_internal int aim_tx_sendframe(aim_session_t *sess, aim_frame_t *cur);
faim_internal void aim_tx_cleanqueue(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);

/* XXX - What is this?   faim_internal int aim_tx_printqueue(aim_session_t *); */

 * Generic SNAC structure.  Rarely if ever used.
typedef struct aim_snac_s {
      aim_snacid_t id;
      fu16_t family;
      fu16_t type;
      fu16_t flags;
      void *data;
      time_t issuetime;
      struct aim_snac_s *next;
} aim_snac_t;

/* snac.c */
faim_internal void aim_initsnachash(aim_session_t *sess);
faim_internal aim_snacid_t aim_newsnac(aim_session_t *, aim_snac_t *newsnac);
faim_internal aim_snacid_t aim_cachesnac(aim_session_t *sess, const fu16_t family, const fu16_t type, const fu16_t flags, const void *data, const int datalen);
faim_internal aim_snac_t *aim_remsnac(aim_session_t *, aim_snacid_t id);
faim_internal int aim_putsnac(aim_bstream_t *, fu16_t family, fu16_t type, fu16_t flags, aim_snacid_t id);

/* Stored in ->priv of the service request SNAC for chats. */
struct chatsnacinfo {
      fu16_t exchange;
      char name[128];
      fu16_t instance;

 * In SNACland, the terms 'family' and 'group' are synonymous -- the former
 * is my term, the latter is AOL's.
struct snacgroup {
      fu16_t group;
      struct snacgroup *next;

struct snacpair {
      fu16_t group;
      fu16_t subtype;
      struct snacpair *next;

struct rateclass {
      fu16_t classid;
      fu32_t windowsize;
      fu32_t clear;
      fu32_t alert;
      fu32_t limit;
      fu32_t disconnect;
      fu32_t current;
      fu32_t max;
      fu8_t unknown[5]; /* only present in versions >= 3 */
      struct snacpair *members;
      struct rateclass *next;

 * This is inside every connection.  But it is a void * to anything
 * outside of libfaim.  It should remain that way.  It's called data
 * abstraction.  Maybe you've heard of it.  (Probably not if you're a 
 * libfaim user.)
typedef struct aim_conn_inside_s {
      struct snacgroup *groups;
      struct rateclass *rates;
} aim_conn_inside_t;

faim_internal void aim_conn_addgroup(aim_conn_t *conn, fu16_t group);

faim_internal int aim_cachecookie(aim_session_t *sess, aim_msgcookie_t *cookie);
faim_internal aim_msgcookie_t *aim_uncachecookie(aim_session_t *sess, fu8_t *cookie, int type);
faim_internal aim_msgcookie_t *aim_mkcookie(fu8_t *, int, void *);
faim_internal aim_msgcookie_t *aim_checkcookie(aim_session_t *, const unsigned char *, const int);
faim_internal int aim_freecookie(aim_session_t *sess, aim_msgcookie_t *cookie);
faim_internal int aim_msgcookie_gettype(int reqclass);
faim_internal int aim_cookie_free(aim_session_t *sess, aim_msgcookie_t *cookie);

/* 0x0002 - locate.c */
faim_internal void aim_locate_requestuserinfo(aim_session_t *sess, const char *sn);
faim_internal fu32_t aim_locate_getcaps(aim_session_t *sess, aim_bstream_t *bs, int len);
faim_internal fu32_t aim_locate_getcaps_short(aim_session_t *sess, aim_bstream_t *bs, int len);
faim_internal int aim_putcap(aim_bstream_t *bs, fu32_t caps);
faim_internal void aim_info_free(aim_userinfo_t *);
faim_internal int aim_info_extract(aim_session_t *sess, aim_bstream_t *bs, aim_userinfo_t *);
faim_internal int aim_putuserinfo(aim_bstream_t *bs, aim_userinfo_t *info);

faim_internal int aim_chat_readroominfo(aim_bstream_t *bs, struct aim_chat_roominfo *outinfo);

faim_internal void aim_conn_kill_chat(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);

/* These are all handled internally now. */
faim_internal int aim_setversions(aim_session_t *sess, aim_conn_t *conn);
faim_internal int aim_reqrates(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_internal int aim_rates_addparam(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);
faim_internal int aim_rates_delparam(aim_session_t *, aim_conn_t *);

faim_internal void faimdprintf(aim_session_t *sess, int dlevel, const char *format, ...);

#define printf() printf called inside libfaim
#define sprintf() unbounded sprintf used inside libfaim

#endif /* __AIM_INTERNAL_H__ */
#endif /* FAIM_INTERNAL */

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