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 * Family 0x0006 - This isn't really ever used by anyone anymore.
 * Once upon a time, there used to be a menu item in AIM clients that
 * said something like "Invite a friend to use AIM..." and then it would
 * ask for an email address and it would sent a mail to them saying
 * how perfectly wonderful the AIM service is and why you should use it
 * and click here if you hate the person who sent this to you and want to
 * complain and yell at them in a small box with pretty fonts.
 * I could've sworn libfaim had this implemented once, a long long time ago,
 * but I can't find it.
 * I'm mainly adding this so that I can keep advertising that we support
 * group 6, even though we don't.

#include <aim.h>

faim_internal int invite_modfirst(aim_session_t *sess, aim_module_t *mod)

      mod->family = 0x0006;
      mod->version = 0x0001;
      mod->toolid = 0x0110;
      mod->toolversion = 0x0629;
      mod->flags = 0;
      strncpy(mod->name, "invite", sizeof(mod->name));
      mod->snachandler = NULL;

      return 0;

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